Diamond Back Antique Tires Auburn Premium

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Another new/innovative product from Diamond Back Classic Radials continues with its Auburn Premium tire. This tire features new professionally designed molds with period correct tread styles for 60s, 70s, and 80s cars. Diamond Back is proud to offer this nostalgic radial built in new molds with the latest technology available. The Auburn Premium line fits the bill for the car owner looking for the period correct look but does not want to have to sacrifice ride quality to get it. Auburn Premiums are the pinnacle of superior ride quality while looking the part!

The classic car hobby is growing at a rapid pace. With the variety of parts available to the consumer, cars are approaching a state of drivability that was not possible in the past. Diamond Back saw the future of this market as more demanding, more driving, more group tours and again, with the proliferation of parts available, today's classic cars can be turned into serious driving machines. What we don't see is a classic tire market that is keeping pace with market demands. Products available today are the same products that were available years ago. Diamond Back are moving forward with technology and innovation. Diamond Back have built a reputation on offering a product for people that expect superior ride quality.

Product Reviews

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Auburn Premium
Antique Size
205/75R15 94
Manufacturer Part Number: 20755AP250
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Antique Specifications
Sidewall Style [?]:2 1/2" White Wall
Load Index:94
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